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  • The Constitutional Value of Citizenship: the Latest Decision from Australia’s High Court

    —Elisa Arcioni, Associate Professor, The University of Sydney Law School On 8 June 2022, in the decision of Alexander v Minister for Home Affairs [2022] HCA 19,  the High Court of Australia struck down a citizenship-stripping provision as unconstitutional. The ultimate decision rested on the process through which the citizenship could be lost.

  • Book Review: Alex Deagon on “Australian Constitutional Values” (Rosalind Dixon, ed.)

    [Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Book Review Series, Alex Deagon reviews Australian Constitutional Values (Rosalind Dixon, ed., Hart Publishing 2018). —Dr. Alex Deagon, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology Australian Constitutional Values is a bold, illuminating edited collection that articulates and investigates a ‘functionalist’ interpretation of the Australian Constitution.[1]

  • Joint Symposium on “Towering Judges”: Sir Anthony Mason: Towering over the High Court of Australia

    —Gabrielle Appleby and Andrew Lynch, University of New South Wales Faculty of Law [Editor’s Note: This is part of the joint I-CONnect/IACL-AIDC Blog symposium on “towering judges,” which emerged from a conference held earlier this year at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, organized by Professors Rehan Abeyratne (CUHK) and Iddo Porat (CLB).

  • Book Review/Response: Rayner Thwaites and Daniel Wilsher on Indefinite Detention of Non-Citizens

    [Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Book Review/Response Series, Daniel Wilsher reviews Rayner Thwaites’ recent book on The Liberty of Non-Citizens: Indefinite Detention in Commonwealth Countries (Hart 2014). Rayner Thwaites then responds to the review.] Review by Daniel Wilsher –Daniel Wilsher, City University London, reviewing Rayner Thwaites, The Liberty of Non-Citizens: Indefinite Detention in Commonwealth Countries (Hart 2014) In his book Rayner Thwaites provides a detailed analysis and critique of the jurisprudence surrounding long-term (indeed, indefinite) immigration detention in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.