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  • Hasebe Yasuo Interview with the Kochi Shimbun

    As many readers know, there is a significant debate going on in Japan today about the government’s proposal to pass a new law that would allow for collective self-defense in the event of armed attack. This has led to protests and conflict. 

  • Video Now Available for Panel on “The War on Japan’s Pacifist Constitution”

    –Richard Albert, Boston College Law School Last semester here at Boston College, we convened a panel discussion on “The War on Japan’s Pacifist Constitution. The video for this program is now available here. The panel featured Tom Ginsburg (Chicago), Tokujin Matsudaira (Kanagawa) and Franziska Seraphim (Boston College).

  • The True Face of Disgust–A Comment on Japanese Constitutional Politics

    –Kenji Ishikawa, Professor, University of Tokyo Faculty of Law Amongst the representative postwar works of Takami Jun – a writer little commented upon today – one finds the novel A Feeling of Disgust.[1] Its first-person narrator, speaking to readers in an informal, colloquial register, is a working-class anti-intellectual at odds with the claustrophobic mood of 1930s Japan.