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  • Fake News, Backlash and the Rise of the German Populist Right – An Update on German Developments

    –Michaela Hailbronner, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Münster, Germany In the last few years, foreign observers have increasingly looked to Germany and Angela Merkel as potential new leaders of the free world. Rich, democratic and equipped with a strong belief in the Rechtsstaat, Germany has seemed a bastion of liberal democracy at a time when others are increasingly in crisis.

  • Europeanizing the Eurozone

    —Tomas Dumbrovsky, J.S.D. Candidate at the Yale Law School and Assistant Professor at Charles University in Prague. The way the Greek debt crisis was handled in the last weeks has been a public relations nightmare. The more or less rational debate about different economic and political views has succumbed to the irrationality of harmed feelings, humiliation, revenge, and distrust.