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  • Analysis of the October amendments to the Constitution of Georgia

    The Parliament of Georgia passed a new wave of constitutional amendments on October 15, 2010, which have seriously reconfigured the relationship between all three branches of government and have affected their rights and responsibilities. These amendments limit the rights and functions of the President in favor of the growing importance of the Prime Minister and the Parliament.

  • Georgia’s constitutional amendments move forward

    Georgia’s parliament votes today on the second reading of proposed constitutional amendments that will reduce presidential powers and increase the power of the prime minister as well as those of the parliament. The president, however, will remain directly elected, and will have some role in oversight.

  • Georgian President seeks new draft

    Georgian President Saakashvili on Wednesday submitted to parliament a draft of a new constitution that would limit the power of the presidency. The opposition has opposed the move, and some speculate that Saakashvili is “pulling a Putin”: empowering a prime ministership for himself to occupy once his term ends.