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Welcome message from Tom Ginsburg

Welcome to our new venture, I-CONnect, the official blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law!  I-CON has joined forces with to launch the site, which we hope will become as lively, thoughtful and successful as its print counterpart. I-CON’s editor-in-chief lays out the vision here.

Our goals, succinctly, are several.  We want a place for real-time updates on important new constitutional cases, amendments, constitution-making efforts and other new developments.  We hope to also provide a forum for thoughtful analysis of major issues in the field of comparative constitutional law.  This will include discussions of the best scholarship in the field, including book reviews, debates and responses to articles that will appear in I-CON. We will also strive to identify new voices in the field, from all over the world. I-CONnect will be, we hope, a truly global forum for a global public law.

For those of you who are have been following the blog at, have no fear: the blog is fully archived on this site.

And for new readers: welcome!

–Tom Ginsburg

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2 Responses

  1. Juidith Blau

    What a wonderful, wonderful site. As an American social scientist who very badly wants the US Constitution updated to include human rights and environmental protections, these international discussions are really really helpful. Next I hope you include students and the public in your site and discussions.

  2. Mr. Suraj Murlidhar Pharande


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