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Unconstitutional Constitutional Changes and President’s Term Limit Evasion: a Series of Constitutional Frauds in Turkey

—Neslihan Çetin, PhD candidate at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne Presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey will take place in 2023. The debate around the presidential candidacy of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is particularly impassioned among jurists in Turkey. Notwithstanding the recent announcements by the government-party AKP spokespersons of his candidacy, the question is whether

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Published on January 23, 2022
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Video Interview: Unamendability and Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments Featuring Yaniv Roznai

—Richard Albert, Boston College Law School In this latest installment of our new video interview series at I-CONnect, I interview Yaniv Roznai on unamendability and unconstitutional constitutional amendments. In the interview, we explore discuss the paradox of the concept of an unconstitutional constitutional amendment, the origins and modern legal implications of the concept, whether one can

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Published on November 4, 2014
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Article Review/Response: Carlos Bernal-Pulido and Yaniv Roznai on Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments

[Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Article Review/Response Series, Yaniv Roznai reviews Carlos Bernal-Pulido’s recent article in I•CON on Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments in the Case Study of Colombia: An Analysis of the Justification and Meaning of the Constitutional Replacement Doctrine. Carlos Bernal-Pulido then responds to the review.] Review by Yaniv Roznai: Is Judicial Review of Constitutional Amendments

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Published on October 17, 2013
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