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Human Dignity in Obergefell v. Hodges

—Michèle Finck, Fellow, London School of Economics, and Lecturer, Keble College, University of Oxford. Human dignity is currently somewhat of a buzzword in constitutional and human rights studies. While resonating well on an intuitive level, the concept is however tricky to define in legal terms – underlining the conceptual vagueness or flexibility that characterizes it.

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Published on September 4, 2015
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Orthodox in the Extreme: India’s Same-Sex Jurisprudence in Comparative Perspective

—Rehan Abeyratne (Jindal Global Law School) and Nilesh Sinha (Syracuse University) Last week, the Indian Supreme Court issued a controversial ruling in Koushal v. Naz Foundation. It upheld the constitutionality of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” In so doing, it reversed a 2009 Delhi High

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Published on December 16, 2013
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