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Pre-departure tests for Singapore citizens returning home: possibly constitutionally tricky in theory, but not in practice

—Benjamin Joshua Ong, Assistant Professor of Law, Singapore Management University Introduction Can a state require that its own citizens may only enter upon production of a test result showing that they are not infected with COVID-19? Albania, Greece, Australia, Samoa, India, the Netherlands, and Cyprus have taken such measures at one time or another. On

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Published on August 4, 2021
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Conference Report: Beyond the Usual Suspects and Usual Domains? An ICON-S (Singapore) Symposium

—Maartje De Visser, Singapore Management University, and Jaclyn L. Neo, National University of Singapore Avid readers of this blog need no reminder of the clarion call for those with an interest in constitutionalism to move beyond the ‘usual suspects’. Indeed, the very establishment of ICON-S was inspired by the desire to mainstream an interdisciplinary approach

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Published on October 16, 2019
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