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Can There be Classics of Comparative Constitutional Law Theory?

—Bryan Dennis G. Tiojanco, Project Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics. Twitter: @botiojanco [Editor’s Note: This is one of our ICONnect columns. For more on our 2022 columnists, see here.] In a paper talk I gave late last month I got advice that had me thinking about the question above.

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Published on March 17, 2022
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Article Review: Mark Tushnet, Vicki Jackson and Rosalind Dixon on Outsider Constitutional Interpretation

[Editor’s note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Article Review Series, Mark Tushnet comments on Vicki Jackson and Rosalind Dixon’s article on “Constitutions Inside Out: Outsider Interventions in Domestic Constitutional Contests,” forthcoming in the Wake Forest Law Review. Professors Jackson and Dixon first describe their argument, and Professor Tushnet responds.] Another Dimension to Transnational Constitutionalism? Outsider

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Published on November 4, 2012
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