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Hijab Ban Case: Constitutional Questions before the Indian Supreme Court

–Ashish Goel, Advocate, Supreme Court of India Earlier this year, a three-judge Bench of the Karnataka High Court (HC) decided that female Muslim students have no fundamental right to wear a headscarf inside government schools. Given the manner in which the Petitioners put forth their arguments and given the dominance that the ‘essential religious practices’

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Published on August 30, 2022
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A Coat of Many Colors

—Claudia E. Haupt, Associate-in-Law, Columbia Law School Cross-posted from the Center for Law and Religion Forum at St. John’s University School of Law In this post, I want to pick up some of the themes I alluded to in my first post and respond to Marc’s observations here and Mark’s observations here. The title of this

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Published on June 15, 2013
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