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Ambassadors or Outsiders? The Constitutionality of Non-Resident Voting in Frank v Canada (Attorney General)

–Sarah Burton, Doctoral Candidate, University of Ottawa The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that the legislative disenfranchisement of certain non-resident citizens was unconstitutional. While Frank v Canada (Attorney General) 2019 SCC 1 ultimately turns on deference, the decision raises a number of questions about the heart of democracy that will have long term impacts

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Published on January 31, 2019
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Book Review: Naoyuki Okano on Jean-Bernard Auby’s “Globalisation, Law and the State”

[Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Book Review Series, Naoyuki Okano reviews Jean-Bernard Auby’s “Globalisation, Law and the State” (Hart 2017).] —Naoyuki Okano, Nagoya University, Graduate School of Law With the deepening of globalization, especially after the 1980s, legal scholars have gradually become aware of the fundamental challenges that globalization poses on laws and legal studies.

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Published on March 7, 2018
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Global Standards of Constitutional Law: What Knowledge? What Method?

—Maxime St-Hilaire, University of Sherbrooke Over the past few years, I have been led to try to draw theoretical implications and conclusions (not to mention political and moral ones) from new forms of constitutional law practice such as the Venice Commission’s, a broad advisory organ of the Council of Europe. When it was created in

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Published on June 12, 2015
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Is Proportionality Culturally Based?

—Moshe Cohen-Eliya and Iddo Porat, College of Law and Business, Ramat Gan, Israel In a recently published book Proportionality and Constitutional Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2013) we look closely at constitutional culture centering on two crucial concepts of constitutional law: balancing and proportionality. American constitutional lawyers have been asking themselves in recent years more and

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Published on September 28, 2013
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