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Book Roundtable on Margit Cohn’s A Theory of the Executive Branch: Tension and Legality | Part 2 | To the Executive Branch and Beyond

—Mark A. Graber, University of Maryland Carey School of Law Professor Margit Cohn has written a book that is terrific on two dimensions.  The first concerns substance. Readers will be a lot smarter than they were before reading A Theory of Executive Branch.  Professor Cohnhas much to teach constitutional scholars in the United States, the

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Published on July 24, 2021
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Making Government Work for the 99%? (And the 53%? And the 47%)?: Why we Need to Re-think the Separation in the Separation of Powers

—Eoin Carolan, Lecturer in Law, University College Dublin Has the separation of powers outlived its usefulness? After all, contemporary government bears little if any resemblance to the 18th century structures on which Montesquieu’s influential account of the separation of powers was modelled. Nor does government today mirror to a significant degree the adapted institutional arrangements

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Published on November 6, 2012
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