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Symposium–The Croatian Constitutional Court’s Abortion Decision: Finding Common Ground Amid Differences in Approach

[Editor’s Note: I-CONnect is pleased to feature a three-part symposium on the Croatian Constitutional Court’s 2017 ruling on abortion. This is the final entry in this symposium, which has been generously organized by Professor Djordje Gardasevic. The Introduction to the symposium is available here and the second entry is available here.] —Sonia Human, Stellenbosch University, Faculty

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Published on June 18, 2019
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Book Review: Francisca Pou Giménez on Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna Erdman and Bernard M. Dickens’s “Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies”

[Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Book Review Series, Francisca Pou Giménez reviews Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna Erdman and Bernard M. Dickens’s Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014).] —Francisca Pou Giménez, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) This is an edited book, and an especially mature species of the

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Published on May 17, 2017
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Why Entrench Formal Amendment Rules?

–Richard Albert, Boston College Law School Constitutional changes, both big and small, are underway in Egypt, Fiji, Tunisia and elsewhere. Constitutional designers in these and other countries face daunting challenges in dividing powers between governmental branches, balancing state prerogatives with individual rights, and managing majority-minority relations. Constitutional designers should also be particularly attentive to their

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Published on August 5, 2013
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