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Book Review: Matteo De Nes on Nicola Lupo & Giovanni Piccirilli’s “The Italian Parliament in the European Union”

[Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Book Review Series, Matteo De Nes reviews The Italian Parliament in the European Union (Oxford: Hart 2017) edited by Nicola Lupo & Giovanni Piccirilli.] –Matteo De Nes, Post-doc Fellow in Constitutional Law, University of Padua, Italy Nicola Lupo and Giovanni Piccirilli’s edited book addresses a very hot topic in the recent

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Published on February 27, 2018
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The Italian Constitutional Challenge: An Overview of the Upcoming Referendum

—Lorenza Violini, Full Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Milan, and Antonia Baraggia, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Milan As it is well known, Italy is in the midst of a great constitutional reform, which–if approved by the referendum that will be held on December 4th–will modify 47 Articles of the Constitution (corresponding to 33% of the

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Published on December 2, 2016
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The Italian Senate Under Reform: From Disguised Unicameralism to a True Regional Second Chamber?

—Antonia Baraggia, University of Milan After the recent attempts to reform the Irish and the Canadian Senates, the Italian second chamber is also undergoing a process of profound transformation. The issue of reforming the Italian second chamber is not a recent development. The Italian Senate has been the subject of debate since the Constitutional Assembly

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Published on July 16, 2014
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