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Announcement: ICON-S Brazil Panels on Megacities and Constitutionalism

The ICON-S Brazilian Chapter is promoting two discussion panels on the issues of megacities and constitutionalism on October 30th.

In the first panel, which will be in English, Professor Ran Hirschl will present his new book: ‘City, State: Constitutionalism and the Megacity’, published this year by Oxford University Press. The book discusses problems related to urbanization and the growth of megacities around the world, analyzing this phenomenon while considering the silence of contemporary constitutions regarding this matter. Professor Virgílio Afonso da Silva and Estefânia Barboza will join Prof. Hirschl as commentators.

In the second panel, which will be in Portuguese, Professors Angela Costaldello, Bianca Tavolari and Rosangela Luft will discuss the applicability and implications of the concept of “megacity” in the Brazilian context. In addition to addressing the constitutional law issues, they will present insights from the perspective of their ongoing research in the field of urban law.’

Please see the following link for details and registration:

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Published on October 13, 2020
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