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ICON’s Current Issue (Table of Contents)

Volume 16 Issue 1

Table of Contents


Tributes to Norman Dorsen: Founding Editor of I.CON (1930–2017) 


Nicholas Aroney, The formation and amendment of federal constitutions in a Westminster-derived context

Rosalind Dixon and Felix Uhlmann, The Swiss Constitution and a weak-form unconstitutional amendment doctrine?

Ingo Venzke and Joana Mendes, The idea of relative authority in European and international law

Christian Bjørnskov and Stefan Voigt, The architecture of emergency constitutions

Symposium: Comparing regional human rights regimes

Başak Çalı, Mikael Rask Madsen and Frans Viljoen, Comparative regional human rights regimes: Defining a research agenda

Alexandra Huneeus and Mikael Rask Madsen, Between universalism and regional law and politics: A comparative history of the American, European, and African human rights systems

Françoise Hampson, Claudia Martin and Frans Viljoen, Inaccessible apexes: Comparing access to regional human rights courts and commissions in Europe, the Americas, and Africa

Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen, “Decompartmentalization”: The key technique for interpreting regional human rights treaties

Başak Çalı, Explaining variation in the intrusiveness of regional human rights remedies in domestic orders

Laurence R. Helfer, Sub-regional courts in Africa: Litigating the hybrid right to free movement of persons

Critical Review of Governance

Gabriel L. Negretto, Democratic constitution-making bodies: The perils of partisan conventions

Book Reflections

Dieter Grimm, Constitutional jurisprudence observed by a political scientist

Coel Kirkby, Citizen and Subject: On Historicizing Constitutional Law

Book Reviews

Angioletta Sperti. Constitutional Courts, Gay Rights and Sexual Orientation Equality (Ivana Isailovic)

Brian Ray. Engaging with Social Rights: Procedure, Participation and Democracy in South Africa’s Second Wave (Sandra Liebenberg)

James Fowkes. Building the Constitution. The Practice of Constitutional Interpretation in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Hugh Corder)

Karin Loevy. Emergencies in Public Law: The Legal Politics of Containment (Nomi Claire Lazar)

Pietro Faraguna. Ai confini della Costituzione. Principi supremi e identità costituzionale (At the Boundaries of the Constitution. Supreme Principles and Constitutional Identity) (Marco Dani)

Kemal Gözler. Elveda Anayasa (Farewell Constitution) (Cem Tecimer)

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Published on May 15, 2018
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