Blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law

Month: December 2011

  • Japan Equality Case

    The Tokyo District Court just handed down a decision finding that a national university’s (Tokyo Institute of Technology or TIT) denial of admission to a foreign student was unconstitutional. The case concerned an Iranian student, a refugee in Japan, who applied to the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the TIT.

  • Egypt’s landmines

    Nathan Brown has a nice analysis of the Landmines in Egypt’s Constitutional Roadmap over at Carnegie Endowment website. His basic theme is that the current timetable, by potentially holding presidential elections after the process of drafting the constitution, will allow the military to be able to control the latter process.

  • Foreign Affairs article on Arab Spring Constitutionalism

    Anthony Billingsley has written an interesting article on constitution-making in the wake of the Arab Spring for Foreign Affairs.

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