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Troubling South African Chief Justice Nomination

South African President Jacob Zuma has nominated the most conservative Justice on the South African Constitutional Court to be Chief Justice. Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng unfortunately has a troubling record to lead a Court that is supposed to bring about transformation in the nation. He issued a decision as a lower court judge that substantially removed

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Published on August 30, 2011
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Thoughts on the Draft Transitional Constitution for Libya

As the tides shift in Libya, the rebels have released a draft constitution for the transitional period. It calls for a democratic political regime (Art. 4), accession to human rights instruments (Art. 7—Libya is already a member of all the core international instruments) and the rule of law (Arts. 6 and 11). Article 1 provides

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Published on August 21, 2011
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What country was this anyway? Suit to disqualify president of Zambia from running

In the constitutional non-sequiter department: Zambia is gearing up for a presidential election, and incumbent Rupiah Banda, seeking a second elected term, has just been hit with a lawsuit seeking to disqualify him from running. The Zambian Constitution, Art. 34, provides for the qualifications for the presidency. One cannot serve as a candidate unless he

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Published on August 8, 2011
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