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Sad News

The famous German legal scholar, Professor Winfried Brugger of the University of Heidelberg, died suddenly. Besides being a leading legal philosopher, and scholar of German constitutional law, he was one of Germany’s preeminent experts on American constitutional law. He also was a frequent visitor to Georgetown Law. Many faculty there and elsewhere thought the world of him. A short bio can be found here: This has also been a rough year for Georgetown Law generally as they have experienced several other deaths among well loved faculty.

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Published on November 15, 2010
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  1. It’s really a sad news…I met Prof Brugger in Taipei on March 2006. He was a nice, charming personality. It is not well-known that he developped close ties with Asian scholars. He hosted my senpai, Prof Kenji Ishikawa, then professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Law, in Heidelberg. Under his suprevision, a Taiwanese sscholar published his dissertation (in German) about Michel Foucault. Will miss him.

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