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Summer Programs in Comparative Constitutional Law

As the summer season approaches, so too are deadlines for enrolling in summer law school programs. 
For students interested in comparative constitutional law, here is a useful list of summer law school programs in comparative and international law. 
Let me highlight just a few options for students:

  1. Howard University School of Law’s Comparative and International Law Program in South Africa, featuring a course taught by South African Constitutional Court Justice Albie Sachs
  2. William & Mary Law School’s Summer Law Program in Spain, which includes a course entitled Introduction to Civil Law and Comparative Constitutional Law
  3. Gonzaga University School of Law’s Florence Summer Law Program, where Amy Kelley will teach a course on comparative rights and governmental structure
  4. Widener University School of Law’s Nairobi Institute, whose flagship offering is a course in comparative constitutional law
  5. Southwestern Law School’s Vancouver Summer Law Institute, in which I will offer a course in comparative constitutional law.
I wish all students a fun, productive, and fulfilling summer.
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Published on February 6, 2010
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